Saturday, 25 January, 2020
EPCH is an apex organization of trade and industry for promotion of handicrafts and is credited with organizing Asia's largest Handicrafts & Gifts Show.

Chief item of interest: Fashion Jewellery

This is my first visit to IFJAS, although I have been quite regular to the other EPCH fairs. I am quite amazed to come here and see the variety. My focus is for more of jewellery that is ethnic in taste and design. There is a lot of fabric, metal and semi precious jewellery that I have found interesting and have placed orders, taken note of suppliers and I look forward to have better business from them in the days to come. This fair, as a product specific three day event has more than requisite time considering the display size. Otherwise, overall suppliers seem to have quite a range and designs on display, and I go back happy from the fair.


Biji Ana, Columbia
Riedmer Stabe, Germany

Chief item of interest:Souvenirs

I'm a retailer from Germany. We generally deal with gifts, jewellery, goods for souvenir shops and the likes. I have come to this fair for the first time, although I have been collecting standalone pieces from India for a couple of years. I am looking for new ideas in products. I would want to pick anything that interests me and intrigues me. Because I sell these products to souvenir shops, my lookout is for products that spell and speak of the essence of Indian culture. I am glad that IFJAS has a lot to fuel such needs.


Chief item of interest: Bags

Its my 3rd visit to the fair. My main items of interest are jewellery and bags, specially material bags; bags that are modern and have a lot of colour especially bright ones. . In jewellery my main focus is on premium products with class and richness. I do business with suppliers mainly from Rajasthan and Delhi. Apart from jewellery and bags, our imports of scarves and gift items are also from India. It's quite a fairly done show and I'm enthusiastic to explore.


PT Orient, Poland
Yoko Matsui,Japan

Chief item of interest: Stone jewellery

I have been coming to IHGF quite often, although at this fair, I am mainly looking for jewellery, especially ones in stones. I have met four new suppliers and have placed orders for stoles and bags with beadwork and embroidery. I believe this is an excellent fair and leaves me quite happy with a promise to be here the next time.


Chief item of interest: Accessories to apparel

I'm a designer and I mainly retail in whole range of apparel. I come looking for new jewellery and other items that can accessorize my collection and accentuate it's beauty. I have been visiting and sourcing from various other apparel fairs from the last 15 years, though this is my first visit to a jewellery show. Though initially it might seem like an exhibition of similar kind of products but gradually one is taken aback to really see the variety that it has to offer. My suggestion would be to introduce a wider clothing line that includes easy-to-wear, ready-made apparels for instance kaftans, beach cover-ups, pareos, etc.


Kathryn, Canada
Esther Robledo Cuesta,

Chief item of interest: Fashion Jewellery

I have come to IFJAS for the first time but have been positively doing 100%of my business from India. From where we come, we constantly look for new ideas and Indian designs & trends. Indian jewellery products have an exquisite beauty and richness attached to them. Here I can see that the designs are getting better and exporters seem to follow a common trend. But, there are suppliers who have somethinmg that the others don't. Overall, its been a spectacular experience.


Chief item of interest: Fashion Jewellery and Bags

We represent a company with its retail stores in many parts of Europe and Russia, and is quite a successful and well known brand in Poland. Earlier, we were doing quite a large part of our business from other Asian countries like Bangladesh and also Turkey. This is our first consideration of the Indian market. We wanted to choose this platform, IFJAS, to see and explore what India's handicraft range has to offer, and then to source for those pieces and connect with those manufacturers who can comply with our inspirations or to have hints of the trends we as a company follow. We are looking for scarves, bags, jewellery, shoes, and basically anything in accessories and embellishments for the summer months. Designs here are quite appealing and we have placed a lot of order for beaded jewellery, since designs in that are more compatible with our interest.


Ewelina Matusiak,

Janus Lee, China

Chief item of interest:Jewellery

Ours is one of the largest ecommerce chain in China, where we sell everything from jewellery to furniture, from home furnishing to home accessories. This is our second visit to this fair and we are looking for something new to add to our collection. It's a well organized very pretty fair and I congratulate the council on the same. It is amazing to see how Indians are tuning into trend and coming up with the best products to thump other markets too. I have contacted a few suppliers and would also be placing orders.


Chief item of interest: Fashion Accessories

We are wholesalers and retailers of mainly accessories, more of bags, scarves and other jewellery items. We have been importing from India since 20 years and I have visited this fair many times before. During the summer months, pure design collection imported from India makes up to 80% of our businesss, however in winters it does size down to 40% as Indian products and material aren't the kind we would use in winters. Our market has a flair for materials like jute with good innovative work done on them and I have found them at this fair too. Besides India, we import from other China and Korea. We have known and deeply comprehended the skilled artisanship of the manufacturers and suppliers here, we know there is a lot that they can deliver.


Corinne Zandman and Ariel Elfassy, France

Chief item of interest: Bags & Scarves

We have been regularly importing from EPCH organized fairs though its only our second visit to IFJAS. In products we are more concerned with the work and artisanship, as we bring in changes in the products to make them more compatible to users in France. We just try to be different than usual retailers in our country and the display here quite facilitates us in this approach. 20% of our imports are from India. We are specifically interested in bags in canvas and fabric with a little fancy embroidery; in scarves we prefer linen as the base material, in solid colours with little embroidery, less of bling yet intricate work, soft patterns, minimalist textures and designs. Products from India are well acknowledged in France as they have a distinctive edge.


Chief item of interest: Handcrafted

We have been importing handicrafts from India for more than 30 years and we always come to IHGF, since there we can source for all items that we wish to have in our collection. This is quite a unique fair and hence we have placed a lot of orders. There are a lot of manufacturers here, who have unique range of pieces and they have been added to our list of suppliers now. We love Indian handicrafts and hence are looking for novelty and freshness. We are quite happy with the fair and mostly for the variety of scarves. The only thing is that the timings of the fair make it too late for summers and too early for winter kind of stock.

Paola Chelli, Giuseppe Bucciarelli, Italy
Alice Wong,Hong Kong

Chief item of interest:Regular use Accessories

I mainly deal in accessories and am looking products for regular users. I have been importing a lot from China and this is my first time in the Indian market. It is amazing to see how small entrepreneurs too in the fair have introduced new designs and pieces which are refreshing and creative. I am astonished seeing each design and kind of work represented here and all of it is new to me. I am really looking for more hand work in the products as we mainly import machine made stuff from China. We are glad to see that there are many manufacturers here who have come up with such eye-catching and appealing pieces. Our concern is that hand work does not guarantee consistence of design and quality in the products, and also cannot be so much indulging in terms of material and techniques used. So I am still browsing through pieces that I can introduce in my market. It has been a great experience for me and have introduced me to new aspects of handicrafts. Semi precious and fabric jewellery are quite expensive and that is not the range that I normally shop for, so I am keen on beads and metal Indian handicraft.


Chief item of interest: Beachwear Jewellery

At this fair I am looking for resortwear and beachwear jewellery and apparels for my online store for a relaxed coastal lifestyle off the beaches. So we look for a range that is ideal for the warmer climate and the designs that are comfortable, feminine and flattering and are produced using mainly cotton voile and natural fibes. We have placed orders for beautiful handblocked prints and carefully chosen silks and fabrics with amazing hand embroidery in some of the designs.From India, we have been importing since five years, although this is our second visit to the fair. I have seen a lot of cotton pareos and beachwears here which have made me quite satisfied.


Gerri Lushey, Australia

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