Common Facility Centre(CFC) - Jodhpur Saharanpur
To upgrade the Photo & Picture Framing Industry, Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts with the assistance of O/o Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) and Ministry of Commerce set up Common Facility Centre at Saharanpur & Jodhpur under title “National Centrel for Picture & Photo Framing Technology (NCPPFT). The present techniques used for making photo frames have become obsolete and in view of the same, new imported machines are being installed at the Centre.
The machines imported from Italy, Germany, Taiwan etc. and installed that centers. The Centre has already started imparting common facility services to the member exporters from Saharanpur & Jodhpur. A business plan and manual of operations has been prepared by a consultant so as to run the centers on self sustaining basis.
1 Details of the machines installed at both CFCs.
2 Procedure and Manual for CFC- Saharanpur