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Awareness Seminars & Workshops conducted in craft clusters across the country

With an objective to educate crafts persons/artisans, NGOs/SHGs, entrepreneurs and manufacturers, EPCH conducted workshops/seminars across regions and craft clusters of Narsapur, Thiruvananthapuram, Kanyakumari, Thrissur, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Puri, Jodhpur, Barmer, Bhuj and New Delhi.......more

Millennials lead the way - Global consumer lifestyles survey shows consumers balancing price, quality and joy of bargain-hunting

Growing environmental concerns, shifting cultural status symbols and the era of sharing life via social media have all contributed to more and more consumers seeking experiences over things, with millennials leading the way. For this younger segment, sought-after experiences are often tied to international travel and a desire to immerse in local culture, rather than be cocooned with other tourists in large chain resorts and attractions. However, regardless of age, at least half of consumers also want time to relax while traveling and seek destinations with a balance of cultural authenticity and opportunities to escape everyday stresses.......more

EPCH sets up publicity booths at international fairs
IIDEX Show - Toronto, Canada; 29th-30th November, 2017
Art of Living Exhibition - Beirut, Lebanon
29th November-3rd December, 2017
The Council set up a publicity cum promotional booth at these events to disseminate information about IHGF Delhi Fair-Spring 2018. IIDEX show, Toronto is an exposition for design, architecture and realted industries and this was EPCH's first ever participation in this show. Art of Living Exhibition, Beirut, is about newest trends and innovations in home decor (home furniture and interior decoration) and receives several buyers for this category.......more

TRENDS - Spring Summer 2018
Branch Out
| Tropical Climes | Floral Bouquet | Lush Leaves |
Natural Materials | Bold Stripes | Trellis Structure

• Wall covering create bold statements as immersive patterns and macro motifs come to the fore
• Designs bring a vivid sense of nature indoors, from exotic climates and wild forests to rich florals and delicate branches
• Historical influences are updated with fresh palettes and enexpected juxtapositions
• Subtle textures are explored, whether through natural materials such as stone and wood or with man-made textures of metals and woven textiles

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