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Partnership for Change: Empowerment to Women Artisans in Mega Clusters
15th - 29th March 2017 - Jodhpur, Jaipur, Narsapur, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata
Mr. Rakesh Kumar, ED, EPCH, felicitated as 'Iron Man
of Exhibition Industry'
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The intention to empower woman artisans with special focus on legal and information communication technology, literacy in order to invest in human resource development of woman artisans, their knowledge skill and competencies leading to human creativity and entrepreneurship which are critical determinant of economic growth and social development. The resolve was to familiarise woman artisans about gender differences, awareness of laws against exploitation of women and other information on the provisions available in the legal laws, labour laws, personnel laws, properties laws, etc. The seminars/workshops were conducted with expert faculty. Initiating the seminars and sharing their experiences in the handicrafts industry were prominent EPCH member exporters from the regions and coordinating the programme’s proceedings were EPCH officials. Handicrafts Promotion Officers from the regional Office of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) detailed about the various schemes available in the office of the DC (Handicrafts) for the benefit of the artisan community and urged the participants to make use of the same. A handbook titled, ‘Embrace the Change - An initiative for Women Empowerment’ authored by the expert faculty at the seminars, was distributed to all participants.....more

Guidance workshops/seminars conducted on export promotion, market selection, digital marketing, packaging, quality compliance, cyber crime, design & product development and compliances : 8th - 23rd March 2017
Saharanpur - Uttar Pradesh; Jorhat, Jonai, Narayanpur - Assam; Dimapur - Nagaland; and Mangan – Sikkim

With an objective to educate crafts persons/artisans, NGOs/SHGs, entrepreneurs and manufacturers, EPCH conducted workshops and seminars in Saharanpur and the craft pockets of the North East Region on export promotion, market selection, digital marketing, packaging, quality compliance, cyber crime, design & product development and compliances, leading exporters from the region and senior officials from the Office of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) made insightful presentations and interacted with the participants. The participants also benefited from elaborate information on export promotion and export marketing with examples of different market situations as well as nuances of market selection, preliminary screening of the market followed by a detailed investigation of this screening and short listing the best fit; and finally, evaluating the shortlisted markets and selecting one or two. The participants were also guided on the pressing requirement to understand the vast potential of the burgeoning digital marketplace and the need to reach out to buyer bases through digital medium and online platforms. The digital marketing techniques were also explained to the participants. All programs concluded with a Q & A session......more

Get to know Today's ‘Real' Consumers

The consumer marketplace is changing in dramatic ways, so it's important to get to know today's 'real' consumers. Big changes in the way we live bring fresh challenges and opportunities. Consumers' perception of value continues to evolve. There's something wonderful and alarming going on….the value equation has become very intangible. The key here for manufacturers is to brand the experience, not the stuff. One needs to decide whether one wants to be a cookware company, or a cooking company. And, it's important to remember that "even know-it-alls need help". Even Millennials may want to do things themselves, but they'll embrace assistance if it is provided for them to take on their own terms......more

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