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Europe's favorable economic prospects inspire consumers to invest in home decoration. Demand for new, sustainable materials and production methods offer interesting opportunities for developing country suppliers. With the increasing popularity of putting up frames in the home, frames have developed new functions. Depending on these various uses, frames have a spectrum of styles: from almost invisible to more expressive. An almost unlimited choice of materials and techniques is available to frames: from any type of metal (silver, pewter, brass, etc.), wood, plastics and other such artificial materials, bamboo, even textile, recycled paper, etc......more

Standing Desks
A new trend in work ergonomics

The days of sitting at a desk all day may be numbered. It's been proven that spending most
working hours sitting is linked to premature mortality, including development of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. There is a clear relationship between sitting hours and obesity and it's reported that those who sit for more than seven hours a day have a 47% higher risk of developing depression. Recent studies suggest that prolonged standing at work is associated with the development of diseases of varicose veins. But, fortunately, a number of companies have developed desk systems allowing alternating between seating and standing. The desk-mounted option is ideal if the office arrangement is fixed. It effortlessly transforms a sitting desk.....

Home Style Trend Forecast 2017 by Tom Mirabile, Lifetime Brands, USA

For Home, Mr. Tom Mirabile draws attention to seven trends - Global Caravan, Simply Serene, New Modernist, A Perfect Balance, French Kisses, Into the Woods, Maritime Chic and Crafted Caravan. For 2016-2017 he touches upon a continuing trend of Farm to Table. Here active would be: Traditional, Classic American Country Inspirations, Farmhouse References and a somewhat rustic appeal; Graphics often have a "Retro" appearance, featuring Vintage fonts and nostalgic themes; chalkboard graphics are important here. Woods are primarily Oak and Rustic Pine, finishes are low gloss or matte, woods sometimes distressed and/or accented with painted or blackened edges.....more

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