e_Craftcil issue 7
Understanding the Millennial Consumer Mindset
Millennials are focused on amassing life experiences rather than tangible objects, forgoing large financial commitments in order to pay down debt and increase their savings. This shift in spending priorities will define their generation for decades to come. Traditional milestones of adulthood are crumbling because of changing values and curbed economic opportunities. The result is a generation living very differently than their parents were at similar ages. Brands that insist on tying their marketing strategies to traditional values and outdated rites of passage are missing the mark, and potentially inadvertently alienating masses of convention-defying ...........more

manufacturers address new consumer preferences
The business is being driven by changing things up with new configurations and piece counts. Anything incremental that services the add-on or replacement customer, like sets of six or four, produces a lower ticket, but it’s a positive ............. more
rising stars among houseware
This coaster epidemic can be attributed to the collision of two cultural movements: the popularity of doit-and-sell-ityourself projects and the cult of the cocktail.
Once inconspicuous, they are now the highdesign, attentiongrabbing divas of the table top. Traditionally, coasters have been like omelletes: beautifully basic, easily elaborated, appreciated by almost everyone, but not particularly inspiring........ more
Market for Christmas Products in Germany
consumer confidence shows positive signs
Dinnerware is a prime product group for Christmas, too, and consumers consider this an occasion for lavishly decking out the table. The greeting card industry also reaches its peak during Christmas, although the electronic media are increasingly playing a role......... more
Indian Exhibition Industry Association’s 4th Annual Seminar
Hyderabad; 29th-30th August, 2014

Dr. N. Chandrababu Naidu, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh being welcomed by
Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Executive Director, EPCH and President, IEIA, at the IEIA annual seminar
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