Ref. NO. EPCH/2/109/2008-TI                                                    MAY 26, 2008



All the EPCH members



Dear Sir/Madam,


            The Council has always been striving to provide the best of its services to all its members. It has always been in the look out for actions/initiatives to be taken in order to better the existing services and increase the level of satisfaction among its members. 


            In order to increase the interaction between the Council’s officials and the members, the Council offers to meet all its members who have issues/grievances between 3 to 4 PM everyday [Monday to Friday] without prior appointment.  We assure you that wherever possible, on the spot decision (other than Policy matters) will be taken. 


            Further, we are shortly going to introduce “ON LINE CHATTING” option on our website wherein a member can chat with the Sr. Official daily [Monday to Friday] between 4 to 5 PM and discuss with him his/her grievances, problems (their cases of pendency) and offer suggestions to enhance the activities of the Council. The exact details will be informed soon.


            We assure you the best of services and we wish that together we can and we will make a difference.


            Thanking you,


            Yours faithfully,



            [ RAKESH KUMAR ]



[Kindly note- It is advisable that you fill in the issues/grievances form available on our website at least one working day prior to your visit in order to dispose cases on fast track basis during personal meeting/chatting]